Let your child have fun and learn things at our summer camp.

Your kids will have the ideal opportunity to experience new surroundings at summer camp. They have access to a variety of enjoyable activities, including outdoor games and exploration. They may benefit from this by having a memorable educational experience that they will treasure for years to come. Our exploration summer camp program is available for children ages two to five.

During summer camp, your children will be participating in different activities such as:

  • Father and son spend family leisure in the park at the attractions
  • Children in funny disguise as a theater group at the talent show
    Talent Shows
  • little girl wearing halloween princess snow white costume sitting on lap holding red apple
    Dramatic Plays
  • Children do handicrafts and draw plants in creative art classy
    Arts and Crafts
  • Children holding hands together, laying on a floor
    Group Activities
  • Children learn about biology and plants in summer school
    Science Projects
  • Children in forest looking at leaves as a researcher
    Nature Exploration
  • six kids cheerfully laughed and roasted sausages on sticks
    Cooking and Picnic
  • A group of happy children run in the Park
    Summer Camp Games
  • Two multi-color castle bounce
    And More

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For your queries and concerns, you can call us at 718-380-3683 or send us a message. We look forward to having your child in our classes soon.