Nurturing Your Kid’s Language Development


At two years old, one of the language development milestones of kids is being able to string words into phrases or short sentences. During this phase, children already try to use words to communicate or convey what they are feeling or thinking. Our 3K Program encourages language learning so your kid can be ready for kindergarten.

As your reliable daycare in Fresh Meadows, New York, we want to share with you fun things that you can do at home to help your kid develop their speech and communication skills. Here are some examples:

  • Naming things

    You can play a naming game by taking turns pointing at things and letting the other one name them. This will help widen your child’s vocabulary as they learn new words over time. Our integrated learning in New York also utilizes fun activities to aid the holistic development of our students.

  • Storytelling

    Another way to widen your child’s vocabulary is to make bedtime storytelling a habit. They will look forward to this and be excited about learning new stories and words. Our daycare programs in New York also use storytelling as a fun way of delivering our lessons.

  • Singing nursery rhymes

    At our 3K Program, we sing nursery rhymes and kids’ movie songs together to help improve your kid’s pronunciation. This is one of the benefits of our 3K Program. You can continue this at home so your kids will develop their self-confidence and even their musical talent!

At World by A.A.C.E, we have passionate multilingual staff who are eager to help your children grow as well-rounded individuals. Developing their language and communication skills is one way of helping them realize their potential.

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