Wonderful Effects of Learning Through Playing


Children are naturally curious and have a sense of adventure. They love discovering new things and exploring new surroundings. When kids play outdoors, they are given a chance to be little adventurers and develop their physical skills, gain self-confidence, and learn socialization. This is one way of incorporating integrated learning in New York daycare centers like ours.

As your preferred daycare in Fresh Meadows, New York, we want to share with you the wonderful effects of learning through play:

  • Developing cognitive skills

    Playing age-appropriate card or board games is one way to exercise the cognitive skills of a child in a fun way. Playing and learning can co-exist within fun and age-appropriate learning activities. Let us make learning fun as we set your child’s educational foundation.

  • Developing social skills

    Learning to socialize with other kids is part of a child’s developmental milestones. While playing with others, we can teach kids the value of sharing, taking turns, and communicating their emotions clearly to others. Joining activities such as our Exploration Summer Camp is one way of learning socialization.

  • Developing physical skills

    In our daycare programs in New York, we emphasize the importance of moving freely to aid the students’ physical development. This is why we ensure that our daycare is safe and comfortable for our students to explore.

World by A.A.C.E aims to assist parents in the holistic development of their children. Our programs foster physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth in our students.

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